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Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals is here to assist you in:

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  • Alerting you to promising listings before they become publicly available
  • Uncovering unique, breathtaking homes and properties

Below, we have our real estate listings broken down by area. If you prefer a more personalized approach, feel free to contact us directly, and one of our agents will gladly assist you.

Making Mexico Home

Join our very own Jason Waller & Leah Campbell and entrepeneurs Sean Gillespie, and Daira Medina as we explore Mexico’s varied housing market. Each property presents its own chance for adventure and opportunity.

Discover everything from potential business ventures to ideal homes, showcasing Mexico’s offerings. The unique aspect? Your votes on play a part in guiding our journey.

Who’s property will be the fan favorite? Tune in, cast your vote, and you might even stumble upon your perfect home.

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Browse Real Estate Listings by Location

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Beachfront Real Estate

Beachfront Real Estate

Explore unparalleled luxury with our beachfront real estate options, offering properties that kiss the shores of the stunning Mexican Caribbean. From Playa del Carmen to Tulum, our listings ensure you wake up to the soothing sounds of the ocean, with amenities and natural wonders at your fingertips, promising a life where every day feels like a vacation.

Playa del Carmen

Discover vibrant living in Playa del Carmen, a cosmopolitan hub known for its stunning beaches and dynamic nightlife. The real estate market here offers a blend of luxurious condos and charming villas, all within proximity to the iconic 5th Avenue, ensuring that shopping, dining, and cultural experiences are always at your doorstep.

Tulum Beach


Tulum, a mystical destination blending ancient history and modern luxury, offers a unique real estate market with eco-chic properties and luxury condos. Nestled amidst historic Mayan ruins and crystalline cenotes, properties here promise a blend of cultural richness and natural beauty, ensuring a spiritually and visually enriching living experience.

Puerto Aventuras

Embrace serene coastal living in Puerto Aventuras, where the real estate landscape is adorned with beautiful villas and apartments overlooking marinas and golf courses. This gated community offers a tranquil environment, while providing amenities like shopping centers, restaurants, and a dolphinarium, ensuring a balanced, leisure-filled lifestyle.

Akumal Beach


Akumal, renowned for its serene bays and vibrant marine life, presents a tranquil real estate haven. Offering a range of properties from beachfront villas to jungle hideaways, Akumal ensures a peaceful, nature-infused lifestyle. With easy access to stunning snorkeling spots and secluded beaches, it’s a true gem for those seeking harmony with nature.

Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, a tranquil fishing village, offers a peaceful retreat with its laid-back atmosphere and pristine beaches. Real estate here ranges from cozy apartments to luxurious villas, all promising a serene living experience close to world-class snorkeling spots, authentic local eateries, and charming shops, blending tranquility with convenience.

Puerto Morelos


Cancun Real Estate offers diverse opportunities, particularly in the Hotel Zone, known for luxury beachfront properties and high-rise condominiums. Puerto Cancun is a hotspot, featuring upscale residences, shopping, and marina access. Additional neighborhoods like Downtown Cancun offer affordable options and local charm, making Cancun Real Estate an appealing choice for both investors and residents seeking a vibrant, tropical lifestyle.


Bacalar, known as the “Lake of Seven Colors,” offers a tranquil and scenic real estate environment. From lakeside villas to charming cottages, properties here promise a serene lifestyle, surrounded by the stunning Bacalar Lagoon. With opportunities for sailing, exploring cenotes, and enjoying the peaceful town, it’s a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle.

Merida Yucatan


Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Merida, where colonial charm meets modern living. The real estate in this Yucatan capital ranges from majestic colonial homes to contemporary apartments, all surrounded by the city’s historical landmarks, colorful festivals, and exquisite cuisine. With a blend of tranquility and lively cultural scenes, Merida offers a unique, enriched living experience.

Los Cabos

Discover the epitome of luxury living in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, where pristine beaches meet exquisite real estate. Our handpicked selection of properties offers unparalleled elegance and comfort, nestled in the heart of paradise. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat in San Jose del Cabo or a vibrant getaway in Cabo San Lucas, our expert team is dedicated to finding your dream home. Embrace the serene beauty, indulge in world-class amenities, and make every day a vacation. Your oasis of sophistication and relaxation awaits. Explore with us today.

Los Cabos Beach
Cancun Hotel Zone

Mexico Hotels for Sale

Unlock investment opportunities in Mexico’s most sought-after tourist destinations: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum & more. Our listings feature a curated selection of hotels for sale, from luxurious beachfront resorts in Cancun to eco-chic boutique hotels in Tulum, and vibrant, centrally-located properties in Playa del Carmen. Each offering provides a gateway to capitalize on the robust tourism and vibrant nightlife these locations are famed for, ensuring a prosperous venture in the heart of Mexico’s tourist paradise.

The Luxury Collection

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Palm Villas 5-Bedroom House

Corasol, Playa del Carmen

$2,397,000 USD

Nestled within the prestigious gated community of Corasol in Playa del Carmen, this fully furnished 5-bedroom house stands on the largest lot at 6,246 ft². Featuring an extended pool, solar panels, and luxury upgrades, it offers a blend of sustainability and spacious, modern living—a true paradise for discerning homeowners right on one of the areas nicest golf courses.

IT Beach 2 Bedroom Penthouse

Beachfront, Playa del Carmen

$995,000 USD

Discover unparalleled luxury at this 2-bed penthouse in Playa Del Carmen, boasting unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea from the kitchen, living room, principal bedroom, and private rooftop terrace. With 3 bathrooms, a fully upgraded kitchen, and a rooftop pool offering breathtaking vistas, this residence epitomizes modern comfort. Enjoy amenities like a gym, secure parking, and professional management services, offering the perfect retreat in Playa Del Carmen.

Casa Leona Puerto Aventuras

Casa Leona 4 Bedroom Villa

Golf Course, Puerto Aventuras

$2,400,000 USD

Welcome to Casa Leona, a stunning house on the beautiful fairway of Puerto Aventuras Golf Course. This home offers the ultimate luxury lifestyle in over 9146 square feet of magnificent living space. As you enter this exquisite home, you are welcomed into a formal living and dining room with domed brick ceilings and curved architectural windows that allow abundant natural light.

Our Developments

Click the images or buttons below to view more information, photos of the projects we’re master broker for on Riviera Maya Real Estate Group

UMA Living Well

Playacar Phase II, Playa del Carmen

Starting at: $744,033 USD

A New Vision of Luxury, UMA Living Well is a 3-Level residential project. Thirty-eight apartments with 2 & 3 bedrooms (plus service quarters on 3-bedroom units), ranging from 202 to 547 square meters, including a large terrace. Amenities that make the project unique. It is strategically located within the Golf course for privacy and spectacular views.

UMA Living Well

Client Reviews

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Happy Clients
We are so thankful for Marisol Borbolla. My husband and I are fans of HGTV’s property show and for years always wondered if this could ever be an option for us one day? Fast forward to 2022 when we met Marisol (after a few initial emails from Canada) we made the trip to look at properties. We chose Playa del Carmen because we have been vacationers there over 11 years, we just love the vibe, the people are so friendly it has a lot to offer. Marisol was great! She really took the time to understand our lifestyle, our wish list in a home and the neighbourhood we wanted to be apart of. With that blueprint she found the perfect home, which ended up a new build!! (never saw that coming) She was absolutely on point and we couldn’t be happier. Marisol has been just amazing through this long process showing professionalism, knowledge, dedication and honesty, she really cares about her clients. She helped us with so much during our navigation of owning a home in Mexico. She is truly a 10/10 and has become a friend for life💕Highly recommend

Tankah Bay Beachfront Condos

Tankah Bay, Tulum

Starting at:  $1,213,866 USD

At the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya in the enchanting Tankah Bay, Tulum, you’ll find a sanctuary of beachfront elegance in unique collaboration with an internationally acclaimed luxury lifestyle brand. The project weaves global luxury with Tankah Bay Tulum’s natural tranquility, resulting in a laid-back yet sophisticated living experience.

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Buying Real Estate in Mexico: Comprehensive FAQ

Can I Own Property in Mexico as a Foreigner?

Yes, foreigners can safely and legally buy real estate in Mexico, ensuring the buyer is protected.

How Do I Buy Property in Mexico as a Foreigner?

Foreigners can buy and own property in Mexico. When buying in the restricted zone (50 kilometers of the coast and 100 kilometers of international borders), Buyers must purchase via a Fideicomiso (Bank Trust) or by establishing a Mexican corporation.

What is a Fideicomiso & Do I Truly Own the Property?

A fideicomiso is a trust where the bank acts as a trustee, giving you complete control over the property. It is established for 50 years and can be renewed indefinitely, with an annual fee payable to the bank.

Can I Buy Property Through a Mexican Corporation?

Yes, purchasing through a Mexican corporation is a viable option, especially for investors looking to buy multiple properties or dealing with commercial land. For most buyers, we recommend purchasing via Fideicomiso.

What Parties Are Involved in the Purchase Process?

When buying real estate in Mexico, the process involves several key parties, each playing a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and legally compliant transaction. Understanding the function and importance of each participant can significantly enhance the buying experience, providing clarity and confidence every step of the way. Here’s a closer look at the roles of each party involved:

  1. Real Estate Agent: A local real estate agent or broker is often the buyer’s first point of contact. They assist in finding properties that match the buyer’s criteria, provide information about the local real estate market, and help navigate the complexities of the Mexican real estate environment. Agents are familiar with the nuances of the local market, including pricing trends, desirable locations, and negotiation tactics.
  2. Buyer’s Attorney: It’s highly recommended that buyers engage a reputable attorney to represent their interests throughout the purchasing process. An attorney will review all contracts and perform due diligence on the property, including verifying the title and ensuring no liens or encumbrances. They are pivotal in protecting the buyer’s investment and meeting all legal requirements. Guardian Closing Services is highly recommended for buyers looking for reputable legal representation. They are known for their expertise in real estate transactions, providing comprehensive legal services to ensure your property purchase is secure and compliant with all Mexican real estate laws.
  3. Bank (when buying via Fideicomiso): Foreigners who purchase property in restricted zones—within 50 kilometers of the coast or 100 kilometers of international borders—must use a fideicomiso or bank trust. The bank acts as the trustee, holding the legal title to the property on behalf of the buyer. They ensure the trust complies with Mexican law and safeguard the buyer’s interests.
  4. Notary Public: In Mexico, a notary public (notario público) is a licensed attorney appointed by the state government, playing an essential role in the real estate transaction. They are responsible for authenticating legal documents, calculating and ensuring payment of taxes, and officially registering the property transfer. Unlike in many countries, Mexican notaries have significant legal authority and are responsible for the legal correctness of the conveyance documents. They confirm the seller’s legal capacity to sell, the property’s legal status, and the absence of liens.
  5. Escrow Service: Typically only used when buying a previously owned property, an escrow service can act as a neutral third party to securely hold funds during the transaction. This ensures that the buyer’s funds are only released when all conditions of the sale have been met, providing an additional layer of financial security.

What are My Closing Costs?

Closing costs range between 5%-9% of the property’s value, including taxes, notary fees, and other government fees.

What Can I Expect to Pay in Property Taxes?

Property taxes in Mexico are remarkably low, approximately 0.1% of the property’s value annually. Early payment can also lead to discounts.

Visas and Residency Through Property Ownership?

While Mexico does not offer a direct investment visa for real estate purchases, owning property can support your financial solvency proof for temporary or permanent residency visas.​

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